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[texts]NYCORE: New York Collective of Radical Educators
NYCORE is a group of public school educators committed to fighting for social justice in our school system and society at large, by organizing and mobilizing teachers, developing curriculum, and working with community, parent, and student organizations. We are educators who believe that education is an integral part of social change and that we must work both inside and outside the classroom because the struggle for justice does not end when the school bell rings.
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 50
[texts]Education Without A Lesson! Equals Educationless - Talib Y. Rasheed
Before I enrolled in college, I was considerably self-educated, so I didn't expect to encounter a great deal of unfamiliar territory. For years, I had studied history, psychology, sociology, physical fitness, as well as taught myself passable English, and how to write.
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 36
[texts]Redefining Campus Power - Andy Burns
Obviously, we need to organize, to build a movement on the campuses, with the primary purpose of radically transforming the university community
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 67
[texts]Radical Anthropology 101
A Beginner's Guide to Anarchy and Human Nature
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 78
[texts]Education and Liberation volume 1
A journal of militant youth liberationists
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 44
[texts]CrimethInc for College Freshman
CrimethInc. for college freshmen?? I thought CrimethInc was all about dropping out of school, quitting your job, and living on the street eating dumpstered bagels as you fought the cops with slingshots and spraypaint! That sounds suspiciously like the kind of daydream you have when you aren't satisfied with what you're doing with your life, and can't imagine what you could really do differently; and the problem with such daydreams is that they paint the desired life as something so different, so...
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 127
[texts]The Edgy-catin' Mama #1
Inside this issue: The Naked Homeschooler, Renaissance Princess, Evil Butterfly, and Devil Ducky, Meet the Homeschooling Community, The Science of Laundry, The Reading Circle and more
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 71
[texts]The Origins of Compulsory Education
After nearly 30 years in the public schools, John Taylor Gatto has quit his job as a schoolteacher to become one of the country's most articulate critics of American education.
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 178
[texts]The New School Occupation
Perspectives on the takeover of a building. Or, why do student organizers bother to get out of bed in the morning?
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 37
[texts]Sprang Skolan
Education with its supporting system of compulsory and competitive schooling, all its carrots and sticks, its grades, diplomas, and credentials, now seems to me perhaps the most authoritarian and dangerous of all the social inventions of mankind.
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 50
[texts]Raise Your Voice - Liesl Buechler
A teacher's guide to the first amendment rights in and out of the classroom
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 94
[texts]Dropping Out (for students) #1
This is a handbook; a tool, made by a human being, with fears and faults, just like you. This is not another story for you to sit around and passively read.
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 61
[texts]Learning By Living
Many students, especially those who are poor, intuitively know what schools do for them. They school them to confuse the process and substance. Once these become blurred, a new logic is assumed, the more treatment there is, the better are the results, or escalation leads to success. The pupil is thereby "schooled" to confuse teaching with learning, grade advancement with education, a diploma with competence, and fluency with the ability to say something new...
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 98
[texts]On The Poverty of Student Life - Situationist International
Considered in its economic, political, psychological, sexual, and particularly intellectual aspects with a modest proposal for its remedy.
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 428
[texts]Dropping Out is Not the Only Way Out
Today I received a very lonely email from a fourteen-year-old suburbanite waiting to be able to get his GED, requesting ideas to keep him occupied until then. The open letter that follows started as my response to him
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 71
[texts]Student Life and Other Contradictions
Being an investigation intro, and a proposal for the total abandonment of, modern educational structures and methods.
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 52
[texts]Schools No Longer - Colin Ward
Ultimately the social function of education is to perpetuate society it is the socialising function. Society guarantees its future by rearing its children in its own image in traditional societies the peasant reas his sons to cultivate the soil, the man of power rears his to wield power, and the priest instructs them all in the necessity of a priesthood.
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 142
[texts]Toward the Destruction of Schooling - Jan D. Matthews
"As students go hazily from class to class, box to box, schooling as a technique of social control perpetuates itself. And as leftists drone on about better education for the people, for the masses of people, they are unaware of what an important role they play in reproducing existent social and economic formations."
Keywords: Radical Education; Youth
Downloads: 75
[texts]Oblivion #8
Angry youth extrordinaire Oblivion speaks. The news in brief. The dangers of the school uniform movement. School, distribution and the word "fuck". Female genital mutilation. Behavior modification schools. Q & A with The Suicide Machines. Letters. The age discrimination of the legal system.
Keywords: Youth; Radical Education
Downloads: 89
[texts]Do It Yourself: Homeschooling
We have the right to self-educate and to create a learning environment that is nurturing to our own needs. "The most overwhelming reality of school is control". Just like prisons, schools control, manipulate, monitor, and coerce children into "learning". Schooling is about training people to repeat information in ways that support the standing capitalistic, patriarchal system. It is time that we start taking our time and energy into our own hands and homes.
Keywords: Radical Education; Parenting
Downloads: 113
[texts]S.M. Lipset: Social Scientist of the Smooth Society - James Jacobs
Invariable, the first thing we are told in social science courses is that the good social scientist is objective. He does not let his own beliefs or prejudices obstruct the evidence. Rather, he allows the facts to 'speak for themselves'. At first glance S.M. Lipset's Politcal Man admirably follows this rule. Lipset's essays seem to be straightforward reports on the conclusions which his data have forced him to draw.
Keywords: Radical Education; Philosophy
Downloads: 76
[texts]Defining Anarchism - Jason Justice
Anarchism has been defined in many ways by many different sources. The word anarchism is taken from the word anarchy which is drawn from dual sources in the Greek language. It is made up of the Greek words. Today, dictionary definitions still define anarchism as the absence of government. These modern dictionary definitions of anarchism are based on the writings and actions of anarchists of history and present...
Keywords: Anarchism; Reference; Radical Education
Downloads: 105
[texts]Teenage Lobotomy
A zine about the institutionalization of youth.
Keywords: Radical Education; Youth
Downloads: 51
[texts]Guide to Researching Your Campus - UT Watch
common resources, administrative salaries, combing the university budget, military research, corporate research and connections, tuition, diversity, harassment, student housing
Keywords: Radical Education; DIY; Texas
Downloads: 95
[texts]Anarchist Study Groups
A major issue about getting started is whether to get a group together and then decide how it will run or to come up with an ideal form and then advertise for participants. You may have enough friends and acquaintances to start a group by word of mouth.
Keywords: Radical Education; Anarchism
Downloads: 59
[texts]The Case For Abolishing ROTC
The Harvard Faculty faces several proposals concerning the future of ROTC at Harvard and perhaps, as Col. Pell indicates, in the nation. Only one proposal, that of Professor Hilary Putnam, responds adequately to the need to abolish ROTC. The other proposals, as will be argued below, neither intend nor will effect such abolition. To facilitate clear discussion of the prolitical choices the faculty must make, we have tried to sketch the main arguments for abolishing ROTC-arguments addressed to the...
Keywords: War & Militarism; Radical Education
Downloads: 143
[texts]This Way Out
How to get out of school and on with your life. A resource guide
Keywords: Radical Education; Youth
Downloads: 72
[texts]Native Son #2
Analyzing youth-development in a changing world
Keywords: Radical Education; Parenting
Downloads: 267
[texts]Welcome to the Earth First! Roadshow
The Roadshow crew is comprised of Earth First! folks coming straight from the frontlines of the radical ecological movement in this country and draws its strength fro a long history of direct action in defense of the wild. We embarked on this tour because while the urgency to stop industrial civiliation is growing fast and our style of grassrooots resistance is needed now more than ever, the visibilitiy of EF! style tactics and values have actually declined in recent years.
Keywords: Radical Education; Environment
Downloads: 66
[texts]Institute for Anarchist Studies Speakers Bureau
Through the IAS Speakers Bureau, your organization can arrange to host one of the diverse and dynamic speakers in our network of scholars and activists. At the same time, you will be helping to support the work of the IAS
Keywords: Radical Education; Anarchism
Downloads: 30
[texts]The Teenage Liberation Handbook
How to quit school and get a real life education.
Keywords: Radical Education; Youth
Downloads: 2,238
[texts]Back to School Guide 99-00
Topics on education
Keywords: Radical Education; Language Arts & Writing
Downloads: 43
[texts]Disorientation 2000
An attempt to break through UW madison's p.r. machine
Keywords: DIY; Radical Education; War & Militarism
Downloads: 126
[texts]Communique from an Absent Future
On the terminus of student life
Keywords: Radical Education; Social Movement Theory
Downloads: 128
[texts]Stop...Do You Know How To Have A Legal House Party?
We hope this booklet provided you with new information. If you do get into legal trouble, and you are student here at the University of Kansas, there is a service that can help you out: University of Kansas Legal Services for Students
Keywords: Reference; Radical Education; Kansas; Lawrence
Downloads: 42
[texts]SDS/WUO: Students for a Democratic Society & the Weather Underground Organization - David Gilbert
Two important political organisations in the history of the amaerican white left. It points out their contributions while not glossing over their mistakes and weaknesses. SDS grew to become a large white radical student movement against the Vietnam war in the sixties, while the WUO, a splinter group of SDS, tried to move "from protest to resistance" by carrying out clandestine actions against U.S. imperialism from 1970-1976.
Keywords: Social Movement Theory; Radical Education
Downloads: 424
[texts]In Limbo #1
In-limbo was created during the summer months of 2001
Keywords: Radical Education; Language Arts & Writing
Downloads: 47
[texts]Predatory #1
Here's the BIG intro. So about a year ago this big ol thang went down at Columbine H.S. in Colorado, which was ofcourse very terrible and ugly all around, and made everybody sad and grave, and all the newscasters had to wear grim faces for about a week and a half, and a whole lotta nice suburban kids got sad down by their parents and asked if they were worried about School Safety. Apparently even if they weren't, their parents were,
Keywords: Radical Education; Language Arts & Writing
Downloads: 43
[texts]Media Policy 101 - Free Press
What you need to know to change the media
Keywords: Radical Education; DIY; Language Arts & Writing
Downloads: 54
[texts]Zapotec Indigenous People in Mexico Demand Transparency from U.S. Scholar
The Union of Organizations of the Sierra Juarez of Oaxaca a longtime partner of Grassroots international based in Mexico- denounced a recently constructed study in the Zapotec region by U.S. geography scholar Prof Herlihy.
Keywords: Lawrence; Kansas; Latin America; Radical Education
Downloads: 47
[texts]Without A Trace: A Forensics Manual for You and Me
This book is intended to go some way towards evening the balance between us and the police. It is not an in-depth study, more a commonsense guide to looking after yourself. The police try to get us to believe that they are all-powerful and all-knowing. Cobblers! If we use our heads we can run rings around them. I hope that you find this information useful, and that there is something new in it for you...
Keywords: DIY; Reference; Radical Science; Radical Education
Downloads: 333
[texts]Position of San Miguel Tiltepec on Mexico Indigena
We, the citizens of the community of San Miguel Tiltepec, through our Municipal Authority and Commissioner of Communal Goods, would like to let you know our position regarding an investigative project called Mexico Indigena, begun in 2006 and finished in July of 2008, which produced a map containing information regarding place names as well as other cultural and geographical information furnished by people in our community.
Keywords: Lawrence; Kansas; Latin America; Radical Education
Downloads: 48
[texts]SDS: Please, sir, I want some more
Students for a Democratic Society. Who are students? Food not bombs.
Keywords: Socialism; Social Movement Theory; Radical Education
Downloads: 292
[texts]Saving Animals: A Student Guide - The American Anti-Vivisection Society
Jesse didn't want to dissect animals in order to learn biology, and Chris was frustrated because there were no vegetarian options for lunch or school. Robin wanted to let other people know about what's happening to animals in our society but didn't know how.
Keywords: Radical Education; Animal Rights; Health; Reference
Downloads: 42
[texts]Community Autonomy: An analysis for activists
This pamphlet is written "for activists," primarily Austin activists influenced by anarchism. Activism in Austin exists as a network of sympathetic campaigns and groups. Each of these has an agenda of changes they would like to make in the world. The changes vary in scope, but always pertain to a small specific category of issues-the Sierra Club and Earth First!, for instance, advocate everything from blocking specific development projects to a full-on redesign of human space to exclude the car,...
Keywords: Austin; Texas; Ansarchism; Environment; Radical Education; DIY; Community Building
Downloads: 115
[texts]It's not books, nor high marks. What we lack is life.
2 documents from the 1998 student-teacher tumult in Greece. Days of June '98: Days of class struggle in Greece & A heavy burden for young shoulders.
Keywords: World History; War & Militarism; Eurasia; Social Movement Theory; Radical Education
Downloads: 47
[movies]Radical Education Rethinking Hawaii Statehood - HONI - Alternative Media From Alternative Voices
Radical Education Part of the Rethinking Statehood series Guest Dean Seranilio American Studies Doctoral Candidate Resisting Statehood Guest Jon Shishido Independent Researcher Multi Media Author Moderator Eiko Kosasa
Keywords: Radical Education; Rethinking Statehood; Dean Seranilio; Jon Shishido; Eiko Kosasa; Asian Settlers; Belligerent American Occupation of Hawaii; Hawaiian Independence
Downloads: 25
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